Friday, 28 April 2017

High Fives - April 28, 2017

Motivation Monday Genealogy, Free or Fee--Part 8, Why I paid
~by Marion B Wood at Climbing my Family Tree
Check out the link for Reclaim the Records.. marriage license and voters lists for NY!
Now.... who on my tree was married in NY??

For Researchers of Huguenots - Family Search Adds Scans From the SHPF
~by Anne Morddel at The French Genealogy Blog
First two paragraphs are about their "civilized" election process (I love the bit about the posters), but the next paragraph shows how to look up at Family Search the BMD records of protestants living in France.
There are many Nolin names listed.  Hmmmm.... food for thought?

Retraction: My Last Post was Wrong
~by Jo Henn at Climbing my Family Tree
(Had me going for a minute - there are two blogs with the same name!)
I have researched a whole wrong family couple of times too. Jo's is a lesson we all learn!

The Gilded Age Craze for the Chafing Dish
~by Camille Hadley Jones at Edwardian Promenade
My Mom was famous for her dinner parties and she used her copper chafing dish a lot.

The Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd
by Clare Paterson (post by Jennifer Sweetapple) at University of Glasgow Library blog
The UK stores that began in 1872 and catered to military personnel and their families. In Canada we have Canex military stores (est. 1968) and in the USA it is the Commissary which began in 1867 and is celebrating 150 years.  Check out the other posts in her series this week about the Army Navy store.

~by Laura Stevens at University of Glasgow Library
Click the link at the end of the post to take you to the Wellcome Library and all the Mental Health links are on the left.

Just for fun - take a look at this blog I discovered this week.
My grandfathers two aunts taught at the Strathcona Academy in Montreal so I was googling that to see if I could find yearbooks. I found one - The Strathcona Oracle for the year 1944 on a blog titled Things I Find in the Garbage.
Martin Gregory of Montreal started this blog in March 2012 where he chronicles and sells items he finds in the garbage.  Martin says spring cleaning is a boon to his trash picking as Montreal prepares for July 1 when half the city moves house.
This blog spoke to me because my Dad embarrassed my Mom many times when he stopped to pick a treasure out of someone's trash. My parents were in the antique business for 30 years so I can appreciate some of Martin's find. Click on the Home button to see this weeks treasures.

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