Monday, 24 April 2017

Dentists - Registers, Directories and Periodicals

The only fun thing for me about going to the dentist when I was young, was he would give me a bead of mercury in a small vial to take home and play with. I know, right? That was the good old days.

My Mom had a gold tooth. I had asked her about it when I was young because I had never seen anyone else with a gold tooth, but I never thought to ask her later in life how that came about - it was just always a part of her appearance.

In the following periodicals, look for list of contributors, obituaries, and graduates.

You might enjoy reading Jana Last's tales of her Traveling Dentist ancestor.

Check local libraries for registers of dentists, like these ones at Trove, Australia.

Relevant Links

Women in Dentistry

The Dentists register, UK

Annual report of the Montana Sate Board of Dental Examiners to the Governor

Illinois Board of Dental Examiners

Canada Journal of Dental Science

Biographies of the founders, prominent early members and ex-presidents of the Missouri Sate Dental Association, 1909

Who's Who in Dentistry - United States and Canada, 1916

Journal of the North Carolina Dental Society, 1965

Registered dentists and dental hygienists in Pennsylvania

The Dental Times

Registered dentists, unlicensed assistants and dental hygienists, CT

Beecher's manual and dental directory of the United States, 1884

The Dental Columbian

The Progressive Dentist

Pacific Coast Dentist

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