Friday, 10 March 2017

My High Fives - March 10, 2017

~by Karen and Debbie at Culloden Battlefield 
My ancestor’s brother was a Jacobite and he got out of Dodge Culloden by the skin of his teeth! I wonder if he left anything behind on the battlefield?

~by Yvette at Dutch Genealogy
I was married twice but not on the dame day!?! More like 26 years apart haha! 
An aunt was from Holland, my Dad spent time there during the war, and I find the customs fascinating. Thank you Yvette!

~by Donna Moughty at Donna’s Irish Genealogy Resources 
Terrific info on ways to find where your Irish ancestor originated from. 

~at Library and Archives Canada 
I love maps, trying to find exactly where my ancestors lived, but never thought of the person who made the maps, or how and why he made them – I will never look at an old map the same again!

~by Diane L Richard at Upfront with NGS
Hmmmmm… good question! 
The subject of no baptism records is touched on by J. Dennis Willigan, Katherine A. Lynch in their 1982 book “Sources and Methods of Historical Demography: Studies in Social Discontinuity” which can be viewed here – pg 68-70

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