Friday, 31 March 2017

My High Fives - March 31, 2017

Written in the inside covers
~by Judy G Russell at The Legal Genealogist
In Canada it was the Encyclopedia Britannica and we also were told to "go look it up". As young kids we used them to make roads for our cars (I had 2 brothers) but during my school years I used them often for homework.
I have come across notations not only on the inside covers, but in the page margins of books and recipe books. I have also seen notations in the margins of church records. In some instances beside the baptism record of a girl was noted the day of her marriage.

Did Victorians Really get Brain Fever?
~by Audrey C. Peterson at Jstor Daily
We must realize that in our ancestors' time they did not have names for many diseases that we recognize now. Even today many people have symptoms that the doctors don't know what the illness is.  The heart condition that runs in my family was only recognized and named in 1958, though many of my ancestors likely died from it.

Calgary in 1889
~by Gail Dever at Genealogy à la carte
Calgary was a late bloomer – it was not very big when my brother moved there in the 70s (about 400,000) and I loved all the green spaces in and around the city. But when I lived there in the 90s it had started to sprawl and the population had more than doubled. According to the census of 2016 the city population has now tripled to over 1,239,000.  

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