Monday, 23 January 2017

Focus on Photography

Some professional and amateur photographers would rather still use film and develop their photographs themselves. Our high school had a dark room where the camera club developed their photos. I couldn't understand why they didn't just get their film developed at the drug store like everyone else!  Now I know, it's a thing.

Newspapers often noted which members attended meetings of the local camera club...

There were published  photographic magazines and periodicals. Some held lists of Photographic Societies and some were written and published by Camera Clubs.

Before 1901 when the Kodak Brownie was introduced photography was pretty much a specialized field. But that didn't stop some enthusiasts from starting a Camera Club or Photographic Society in many cities around the world. If you search "camera club history" you will see that some were established in the early days of photography.
Check the local library or historical society for info on a camera club in your area.

Relevant Links

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Brush and Pencil

The Photographic Times

Wilson's Photographic Magazine

Camera Notes: Camera Club of New York

Catalogue of apparatus and materials used n the art of photography, sold by Harvey and Reynolds, Leeds UK 1855 

1907 Price list of materials for orthochromatic and colour photography, UK

Photographer's pocket reference book and dictionary, USA 1873

List of Photographic Societies in the UK and in the Colonies (also in almanacs below)

The British Journal Photographic Almanac


  1. What a great list Dianne. I love photography but know nothing about developing.

    1. Haha me either, and thank heaven now we don't have to! It might be interesting to try tho!


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