Monday, 19 December 2016

Voting Scandal

Oh boy!  My Nichols ancestors are in trouble again. My great-great-grandmother's brother, Stephen Nichols was accused of bribing the good people of Totnes to vote for John Pender in the election of 1863.

 In this part of the testimony Henry Crawford testifies that his brother-in-law Stephen Nichols bribed him with £60 to vote for John Pender.

In this part it is Mrs Crawford (Sarah Nichols), the sister of Stephen Nichols that testifies that she did indeed receive £60 from her brother to vote for John Pender.

The committee reported that they found John Pender guilty of bribery in the 1863 elections of Totnes.

In this publication there is a list of fictitious voters in the Scotland elections of 1837

You will find evidence of election rigging in government papers of most countries.

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  1. I have second cousins think it is , two brothers, that were accused of passing counterfeit 2 Pounds think it was one was hanging the other sent to Australia. Think you have given me something to add to my Merging Roots blog - Little bits of those ancestors that stand out for some reason :D

    1. Glad I could be an inspiration! Isn't it fun to find those little bits of a persons life, good or bad?!?


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