Friday, 9 December 2016

Join the Genealogy Community

There are still many people researching their family tree who are missing out on a great resource!  People who actually live in the places you are researching.  Where do you find these people?  On Facebook.  Oh no.... don't shut me down yet.  Read on!

Some of the Groups I belong to

You don't have to put your life on Facebook, just start a profile with minimum information (some people give false info, not that I condone this, but just saying..) That's all¹. You don't even have to post anything. Then you can join any of the thousands of Groups that cater to genealogy research and learning. You can leave and receive private messages with people in groups. Thousands of people all over the world are ready to answer your questions, help you find out where to look next for records, go walking in their local cemetery, look up something in the archives, check out old newspapers, and do the happy dance with you as you make new discoveries. It is a great community of genealogy helpers and well-wishers!

Who knows, you may even make friends with fellow family genealogists or find long lost cousins!

Katherine Willson has compiled a list of Genealogy Groups on Facebook, which she updates from time to time. You can download the latest version of the list in PDF at her website. Besides the ones specific to my areas of research I like to ask for help at "Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness".  There is a group that is USA specific and an International group. All fabulous and friendly people!

Once you sign up here....

Every blog post I write is posted to my Facebook group page here.  By joining my group page you get extra information I post from time to time.  Also under the File tab on the group page menu I have uploaded pages of every list of links from all my articles (except for Serendipity Sunday or the few articles that have only a couple of links.) These files are free to download and share!

So give yourself a gift this holiday season and join the Genealogy Community on Facebook.

¹PS: with so many spammers leaving unwanted ads and such these days, with some groups you may have to private message the administrator to tell them you are legitimate.

*Note: I am not promoting Facebook per se, just the wonderful people on Facebook who give of their time and expertise through this social media platform to help others in the Genealogy World every day!


  1. Great post Dianne and I have if not via Facebook found 'family' eventually become friends with some of them on Facebook.

  2. Thanks Cathern. I also found cousins on facebook. And a person in another group helped me break down some brick walls! Another took a photo of my ancestors home in Devon. Very powerful community!


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