Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Coltman Report - Setting the Record Straight

Library and Archives Canada has released online the Coltman Report, which was a general statement and report relating to the Battle of Seven Oaks in Manitoba. This year being the 200th anniversary of the battle between the rival trading companies that took place on June 19, 1816, LAC crowd-sourced the report and in a short time had it ready to go online.

"LAC owns the only copy of this report. Prior to digitization and transcription, researchers had to arrange a visit to the Gatineau Preservation Centre with an archivist to consult the report. Travel to LAC is not an option for many researchers. Consequently, some historians have perpetuated information found in many secondary sources that described the confrontation as a massacre initiated by the Métis. Through digitization, and with the help from the public to transcribe this important document, historical inaccuracies have been corrected."

It is of interest to me because my husbands ancestors were mentioned many times in this report, as Métis and a couple were interpreters for the Hudson's Bay Company.

Each page was transcribed and many surnames and places are tagged in the pdf. Then to the right there is a link to the actual page of the handwritten report.

To find out if your ancestor was mentioned open or download the PDF and use CTRL + F to search for the name.

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