Monday, 12 September 2016

Monthly Magazines

Thee are so many types of magazines today. I used to get gift subscriptions to magazines with children stories from my aunts. I give monthly magazines to my grandchildren for Christmas according to their preferences - cooking, photography, puzzles etc. They love them and it is a gift that lasts all year long.

Among the types of magazines printed in the 1700-1900's are political/ literary. They give the news of the past month on science, arts, politics, etc.  Some have names of subscribers, and some have births and deaths of notables. These magazines became especially popular to immigrants who wanted news of their homeland.

There are also genealogical magazines, like this one...

...or Family magazines like this one from Montreal...

When my gg uncle James Mavor died, his notary sent my grandfather, a beneficiary, a clipping from a paper - Weekly Scotsman - so he must have subscribed to it. I see it is available for viewing at the National Library of Australia.

You can check for more using keywords "Monthly Magazine", "Weekly Magazine", "Annual Magazine" and "magazine genealogy". 

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