Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Correspondence Schools+

As another year of school begins, it reminds us that not all school work takes place in the classroom.  I have taken many courses online through the university. I know kids of friends who are home schooled, which is easy today with computers and networks.

I have heard of educators taking school outside the classroom like this one in BC.
Or.... how about this school?

Nautical School Ship "Sobraon" - regulations in the Supplement to the New South Wales Government Gazette, 7 June 1894 (at Trove).  Look for "Entrance Books" for the Vernon and the Sobraon for names of ancestors.

I remember flipping through magazines and seeing ads for Correspondence School.  I always looked through the list, wondering what I would take if I ever decided to go that route.

Did your ancestor take courses from a Correspondence School?

Relevant Links

Register of International Correspondence Schools, containing names and addresses of 107,239 students, USA & Canada,1908

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  1. Yesterday I starting the 5th Massive open on-line course (MOOC) I have taken. It is a chance take courses through some of the best universities etc. in the world. Keep searching for one on genealogy but no luck yet.
    It would be interesting to find that an ancestor did this sort of thing years ago in the version available back there.

    This is not the first correspondence course I have taken took one in 1964 before I married and in preparation not only for marriage but because I was a Protestant marrying a Catholic boy :D We also lived miles apart so this was the only way to do it. Still have the booklet that went back and forth between me and whomever went over my answers. Some of what came back still irritates me (or what was expected of a wife back then). Think that is when I started to question religion over being spiritual:D


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