Monday, 19 September 2016

Building and Loan Societies

A lot of my savings were put into mortgage GIC's.  So if you took out a mortgage from my bank, you could be using my money.  You're welcome.

A Building and Loan Society promoted home ownership through residential mortgages. The first known society was established in Birmingham, England in 1775. Since then many building and loan societies throughout the world have been established to help people build a home.

Big cities likely had more than one building society. Different countries have other names and you can search using them as keywords.

"Building Societies (as known in Great Britain) : Building and Loan Associations, Co-operative Banks and Homestead Associations (as known in the United States) : Housing Companies (as known in parts of Continental Europe) : Starr-Bowkett Societies (as known in Australia and New Zealand) : and kindred associations throughout the World"

Relevant Links

The second convention of the International Congress of Building Societies  : held at the Inside Inn, Exposition Grounds, San Francisco, California, July 30th, 1915

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