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Cigar Box - Postcards - A German Family

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

Bud picked up a few things while in Germany, some of which he sold years ago.
Below are 2 examples of WWII German propaganda postcards, with artist's renditions of high ranking military men.

If anyone is related to this Weber family or know the people in the photographs, you may contact me.

Both postcards were sent after D-day by a german soldier...
Obergefreiter (Lance Corporal) Eduard Weber
Osterrönfeld / Rendsburg

to his wife and children, and addressed...
Cacilia Weber
23 Meppen Emsland
Kossen Jarmen

Unfere Panzerwaffe - Generalfeldmarschall Rommell

Feldpost (field post office) Rendsburg

My Dear, now it happened, since the last 24 hours the revenge has started. Tomorrow I will write a long letter. I am fine, what I think of you also. The weather is very bad now and that’s all I can tell. I have to talk of I. to you. Your post has arrived completely, that was fine. Many greetings (and kisses) your father and husband.

Unfere UsBootsWaffe - Kapitänleutnant Günther Prien

Feldpost (field post office) Rendsburg

My Dear Ones, many happy greetings for the Sunday. Just was your letter arriving and the postman urgently wants to leave, so only this short notice, I will answer the letter later. Nothing new from here. Here is everything fine and I am satisfied. I hope it’s the same with you. From father and mother I got a letter also, which I also will answer soon. Weather is fine, and tomorrow in Rends (Rendsburg) the fair is starting. If it’s possible I will go there. Greetings and kisses your father and husband.

With the postcards were these three photographs. Could one of these couples be Eduard and Cacilia Weber? 

This officer looks like the same one as in the above photo on the left?

Postcards were kindly translated by a gentleman at the FB group German Genealogy

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