Friday, 19 February 2016

Genealogy here, genealogy there, genealogy everywhere!

When I started researching my family tree, it was with notebook-and-pen in hand asking questions of my grandparents and other relatives. Then I graduated to Family Tree Maker that came with a few CD's full of records. Now here we are with the internet and a slew of professional websites like Ancestry and Find My Past and all kinds of social media like facebook, periscope, webinars, podcasts and twitter (#genealogy) all used by researchers and genealogists alike to find answers or offer advise and information.

It is no surprise that television had stepped in early on with programs about genealogy that show that you too can do the research and oh my... look what you can find out! This season there are a couple of new kids on the block you might want to check out.

Here is a list of television shows about genealogy, past and present, that air at different times during the year, including two new shows starting soon. Some that have been cancelled you may be able to watch episodes online.

Who do You Think You Are UK - BBC (2004- )

Who do You Think You Are US - NBC (2010-2012) TLC (2012- )

Ancestors in the Attic - CA (2006-2009)

Find my Family AU - (2008- )

Find My Family US - ABC (2009-2009 )

Faces of America - PBS (2010-2010)

Finding Your Roots - PBS (2012, 2014, 2016)

Qui êtes-vous CA - (2012- )

Genealogy Roadshow - (2013- )

Long Lost Family UK - ITV (2011- )

Long Lost Family US - TLC (2016- ) Starts Mar 6

Long Lost Family AU - (2016- )

Relative Race - BYUtv (2016- ) Starts Feb 28

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