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Glass Works

Glass objects come in all shapes and sizes, from delicate hand blown decorations to everyday bottles to huge expanses of plate glass for homes and buildings. Glass is used to make many everyday items, and also to make laboratory and medical equipment.

A glazier works with glass for windows, mirrors, etc.

A glass blower makes decorative and useful objects like vases, glasses etc. There is free blowing for one-of-a-kind pieces, and mold blowing to make one or more of a specific item.

There is a retired glass bower that has a shop in my town and I am plannng to sign up for his classes in the spring. Perhaps again in the fall when he teaches how to make Christmas ornaments!

There are also those workers that make stained glass, cut glass, etched glass, crystal, etc. I used to collect wine glasses that were hand blown and hand painted. I had over 300 in all shapes, sizes and colours. Many were Austrian or Bohemian crystal that were hand painted with gold and enamel, or just enamel. I often wondered who made them and who drank from them.

Also look for names of glaziers and glass workers in directories, architechtural periodicals, building magazines, etc. The Patent Office is the place to check for inventors of methods and designs in the glass industry.

Relevant Links

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