Thursday, 28 January 2016

Finding WWII Service Members

One resource often overlooked when doing genealogy research are University Archives.

Some that I have cited in different posts are The Lost Schools of English Montreal and the Digital Atlas Collections by McGill University and the Mental Healthcare digitization by Glasgow University for the Welcome Trust.

Now a digital project of McGill Universtiy is their War Records, in recognition of the men and women of McGill in wartime service.  These records hold not only the index cards on the former students but some files contain newspaper clippings, letters and photos.

I found my great uncle's cousin's index card - sadly no bulging file full of photos and clippings.  He was in the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve, and the card tells me when he got promoted and what ships he served on.

Maybe you will be lucky with your ancestor?

The other day I mentioned finding my Dad and uncles' names in the Canada Gazette. There were a couple of mentions but the main one is when the WWII soldiers are "struck off strength" at the end of the war 1946.  Type your ancestor's name in the search box on the Canada Gazette Archive page.

I have found a few other sites where you may find mention of your WWII ancestor.

Relevant Links

McGill Remembers - War Records

Canada Gazette Archives

Crew Lists from Ships hit by U-Boats

Aboriginal Veterans of WWI, WWII & Korea

WWII at LAC- Service Members who died, Faces of War (photos), etc

Australian War Records Search (by name - and choose category) - click display after

WWII USA Cadet Nurses

The Maple Leaf Scrapbook - WWII

The Navy List (UK)

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