Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Canada Patents

In trying to find more about the Coatwell Paint & Varnish Co, the company my grandmother co-owned, I have been asking family members and researchers of the previous owner (to no avail, so far) and searching the Internet in off-the-beaten-path places.

One thing I found was that their land was expropriated and building razed to make way for the Bonaventure Expressway which was to open in time for Montreal's Expo '67. The other thing I discovered using different and varied keywords was an invention patent.
Say what?

Silkscreen colour applying apparatus

The Coatwell Paint & Varnish Co is the owner of record of a patent granted in 1935 for a silkscreen colour applying apparatus invented by Cyril Montague Rice . According to their incorporation papers, Coatwell also did printing and lithographs, and silkscreening was a method for making coloured posters.

1937 Silkscreen Poster 

Cyril M Rice was a Montrealer who lived around the corner from my grandmothers house in Verdun. He had already invented transparent signs in 1927 and later invented a method for colouring aluminium in 1953. 

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is responsible for trademarks, patents, copyrights and protection of industrial designs. Their patent database holds 147 years of patent descriptions and more than 2M documents.

How to download the documents: 

After doing a search for a patent or inventor and finding the one you want, click on "Documents" on the right side of the menu, check off all the boxes and choose Download Selected in PDF format (Zip Archive) to download all documents and images pertaining to the patent.

Do you have an ancestor who had a creative mind and invented things?

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