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Land Agents and Realtors

The first realtors in the colonies were Crown Land Agents.  These agents were government appointed employees. Their role was not only to sell land to settlers, but to help those settlers iron out disputes and land issues with the government. If you want to read more, there is a very good thesis written about Crown Land Agents and Surveyors written in 2004 by Michelle Vosburgh of McMasters University.  Names of Crown Land Agents could be found in the Sessional Papers. Some of the British Sessional Papers, Inventory Control have them, like Volume 37-2, pg 375 has names of Land Agents in Ireland testifying at the Royal Commission on Labour.

As I have said, we moved many times.  Each time we used a Real Estate Agent. They can list your property, show you several properties for sale, and once the choice is made, wade through all the paperwork necessary in buying or selling property. Look for your ancestors names in a directory of Real Estate Agents.

Was your ancestor a Land or Real Estate Agent?

Relevant Links

Sessional Papers, British Parliament.  Inventory Control 1892-1908

Directory of licensed real estate dealers of Chicago, 1890-1891

Directory of reliable real estate agents, abstractors, banks and real estate lawyers of the United States 1908

Peterborough Real Estate Investment Company Ltd Canada 1879

Polk's real estate register and directory of the United States and Canada 1911

Real Estate Catalogue for immigrants: province of Ontario, Canada 1880

Canadian land advertiser for immigrants: Province of Ontario and Manitoba 1883

Real Estate record: guide to buyers and sellers, how to draw a contract, NY 1896

Matthew's guide for settlers on public lands, land agents, bankers etc USA 1889

Journal of the Land Agents' Society

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  1. Thanks for this post! Found my ancestor by following the link to the thesis written about Crown Land Agents and Surveyors written in 2004 by Michelle Vosburgh of McMasters University.

    1. You're welcome and thanks for letting me know! :-)


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