Thursday, 19 November 2015

WWI Casualty Lists in Newspapers

I had noticed that many newspapers printed casualty lists throughout WWI. My grandfather's brother was killed in April 1916 so I did a search of the Montreal Gazette, but looking at the papers for that time parts of the images are whited out, so if they did indeed print a list it's not showing. Nothing in any Montreal papers. So I forgot about it for a while.

The other day I was doing a broad search of the Mavor name at, and guess what!?! I found mention of my great uncle on the Canadian Casualties list in the Winnipeg Tribune, 26 April 1916, page 2... 

... AND I also found mention of my grandfather on the Canadian Casualties list in the Vancouver Daily World of 31 July 1916, page 3.   

One of the features I like at is they have a "Save to Ancestry" button on their menu bar, saves right to the person's profile, under other sources...

When searching for mention of your WWI ancestor in newspapers, broaden your search to other cities. 

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