Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Manitoba Temperance & Licenses

Going through the Sessional Papers for the Province of Manitoba 1919, I came across a List of Prosecutions for Infractions of the "Manitoba Temperance Act".

These infractions included selling liquor without a license, permitting drunkenness on the premises, intoxicated in a public place, etc. with person's name, date and infraction.

During the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 there was a huge demand for liquor, and the government left it to the medical practitioner to decide what and how much liquor to prescribe.  No obstruction on the part of the government was made to keep liquor from ailing patients. 

A few pages on there is a list of Retail Licenses granted in 1918, under the Manitoba Temperance Act. Also wholesale licenses, licenses surrendered and those not issued. 

Relevant Links

List of Prosecutions for Infractions 1918

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