Monday, 26 October 2015

"Life Without Bees.....

"Life Without Bees means life without chocolate." 

That is the title of a blog post I noticed when I was reading about how to make a bee friendly garden. Bees pollinate about 75% of the food we eat, so I would say that is true!

A few yeas ago when we drove north in the spring we would pass a stretch that has orchards on both sides of the road.  It was like going through a bee-storm! Our RV got battered by bees coming and going and we had to stop at least twice to wash the dead and spattered bees off the windshield and out of the grill.  Ewwww! But I also felt bad for the bees, having watched the Bee Movie. That has not happened in a couple of years now. Is it due to disappearing bees?

Like a lot of people of the time, my grandparents tried their hand at beekeeping.

My parents had other friends who kept bees and when we would stop in to see them they would give us kids pieces of honeycomb. Yum!

There are many publications about keeping honey bees, and a beekeepers association in most cities or states. Try a local library, and look in the newspapers for associations your ancestors may have belonged to.

Edinburgh Evening News, September 12, 1894

Studies show that due to poor bee and hive health globally there are not enough honey bees to pollinate crops.  More and more people are growing their own food and here are ways to attract honey bees to your garden. Even if you are not growing food there are ways you can help keep bees thriving.

I have a friend, Cathern who told me of this short YouTube film clip on pollinators, and she is making seed bombs to toss into wild areas for all of Mother Nature's creatures.

Were any of your ancestors apiarists?

This post is dedicated to Cathern who is doing her part to help save the honey bees, and whose birthday it is today!

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