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Canada Prisons

I have tooted the Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada before, they are rich with information about the country at that time and of our ancestors. The Sessional Papers contain documents tabled to the House of Commons, mostly by Government Departments, but also by Royal Commissions, Task Forces and Census. Some years the reports of different departments are terse, other years they are more detailed with names, addresses, wages, dates, etc. These are not just names of government employees (eg PostMasters, Indian Affairs, etc) but also people or companies granted certain licenses or paid for work done.

At the front of each set of papers, go past the Alphabetical Index to the List of Contents, tells you what is covered in each volume for that year, so you know where to look. Not all reports were printed, so going through the paper you may find some of the Numbers of the volume missing. Some of the unpublished documents can be found at places like Queen's University Library in Kingston, Ontario.


Here is an example of detailed Reports from Prisons.

This sample is from 1903, volume 13.  I am linking only to the pages that list names, but the whole section is pretty interesting.

Search google images with [name of prison] and again with [name of prison] + inmates.

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