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The Post Office

The Post Office by Augustus Pugin Senior and Thomas Rowlandson
for Ackermann's Microcosm of London (1808-11).

When my husband's great grandfather, who lived on the Rainy River in Koochiching Minnesota, decided to retire from full time farming, he opened a general store in Central Village and became the village's first postmaster.

Several of my indirect Seale line were Post Office employees. A few men from the Quebec line were postmasters, and cousin Henry Seale worked as an Assistant Inspector for the Post Office in Kingston, Ontario in 1918.
Look under Post Office in the local directories and almanacs.

The salaries of Canadian postal workers are in the Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada, under Auditor General Report.  We find that Henry Edgar, as a Postal Inspector at Kingston, made $1350 for the year ending March 1919.  

When I was young we lived in a small town and our Post Office, established in 1948, was in the basement of someone's house. They had a section set up with a wicket behind which, in my time, Mr or Mrs Giroux sold stamps, mailed parcels and did other post office business.  This is the record of post masters for this post office...

Lists of Unclaimed Letters at the Post Office were often posted in local newspapers, as well as the Government Gazette. Also check University websites, some have lists of unclaimed letters addressed to students who have graduated and moved out of the dorms without giving a forwarding address.

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(Check at World Cat for libraries holding the above mentioned book)

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