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The Athletic Club

Like the old Gentlemen's Clubs, the formal Athletic Club was for men only, some taking rooms there.  There were billiard and card rooms, a dining room, and perhaps a parlor for women to take refuge on Ladies' Night, as well as bedrooms or suites for the young men.

Other sports clubs had their own "Club House" while still others met at a venue central to its members, like the Montreal Snow Shoe club met at the McGill gatehouse on Sherbrooke Street. The Clubs were for amateur athletes only.

The Athletic Clubs offered all manner of sports - lacrosse, cricket or croquet, tennis, squash or hand ball, bowling, bicycling or swimming, or perhaps skating, curling or snowshoeing.

High Wheel Bicycle Club Group Photo - circa 1885

Search others using keywords [name of sport] + club, association, etc then try adding town or state. Check local libraries and archives for information on local clubs.

Did your ancestor belong to an athletic club?

Relevant Links

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The Edinburgh Skating Club 1865

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