Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Camping

This is the time of year when parents pack up the car with kids, dogs, tents, sleeping bags and an assortment of camping paraphernalia and head out of the city.

When my Dad was young his family went tent camping on the Maine coast just south of Portland at a place called Bayview. They went there for several summers and created lots of fond memories. They set up two tents with a dining area in between.

When I was young our family used to go tent camping at Meacham Lake in the Adirondacks. Either family friends or my mothers parents would sometimes camp with us. What comes to mind is the smell of the canvas tent, the campfires that kept the bugs away, and the raccoon paw prints on the table in the mornings.

The Internet Archives holds many books on "camping and tramping" and also places to go like this camping guide for Australia

At Internet Archive search using keywords "camping" and perhaps the area you think your ancestors may have camped.

Relevant Links

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Rock Spring Campground, NC - History Vol 1

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Easter Camp (Naturalists Club), Adventure Bay, Brunny Island, Tasmania, 1922

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