Monday, 29 June 2015

School's Out

School is out and kids and parents are waiting for end of year report cards. At one time schools put the names of graduates and/or prize and award winners' names in the newspapers.

This newspaper from Sydney Australia posted on different pages of this January 14th paper and some the next day.
The Hartlepool Mail listed names of girl graduate prize winners at Darlington in 1886.
Not only elementary, high school, college and university promotions or graduates were posted, but there are posts also for music schools.  When I passed my Grade One Theory in Conservatory Music my name was among those that passed, in the Montreal Star June 25, 1963.

One of my Carter ancestors also had her name in the paper for music, for passing her senior grade in Lancashire, England, 1917. 

You can search newspapers using keywords: school graduates, school promotions, dean's list, school exams, etc.. also try with the city name in front. Following are a few I found on the free google newspapers archives.

Relevant Links:

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The Afro- American 1937

Farmer's Advocate, Charles Town, W Virginia 1938

Sir George Williams Montreal 1957

Spokane, Washington 1922

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