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Aboriginal Genealogy

If you are researching Aboriginal roots in North America, there are many books at Internet Archive that can help to add to the stories of your ancestors. 

There are books on language, culture, crafts, wars etc... for different areas and tribes.  What I have tried to find for you are materials that have people's names in them. So listed below are some books of interest, and quite a few that list people by name. Also some websites where you may find more information.

In Canada there were often censuses taken, some only reported how many people in a tribe, but quite a few are with names of people. These are at LAC and the link is below.
I also gave some links to Department of Indian Affairs, where my great-grand uncle was a clerk for 27 years.

To search use keywords: indian, native, aboriginal, eskimo, aleut, indigenous people, etc

Relevant Links

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (US)

LAC (Library and Archives Canada) Aboriginal Heritage

Guide to searching Aboriginal records at LAC

Tip* Go to Advanced Research, in the first search box type RG10, in next box type what you are looking for (ie; census, register, etc from list on Guide)

LAC - Native censuses - browse, scroll down, next page - click on MIKAN number or "continue viewing this series of images" to go to that record set.

Indian Census Rolls of North America (US) 1885-1940

Rolls of Certain Indian Tribes in Oregon and Washington - 1906

Records for Indigenous Australians

The administration of Indian Affairs in Canada 1915

Annual Report of the Department of Indian Affairs (Several Years) Employees at back

Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada (Indian Affairs - employees and salaries)

List of Cherokee general fund warrants unpaid August 20, 1898

Personal names of Indians of New Jersey; List of Six Hundred and Fifty names 1904

Our Indian Homes at Sault Ste Marie, Ont - 1887 ("homes" for boys and girls)

Descriptions and Plans of Certain Indian Reserves in the Province of Manitoba and the North-West Territories

Document ordering Daniel Claus, agent for Indian Affairs in Canada, to pay for leggings

Grammar and dictionary of the Blackfoot language in the Dominion of Canada 1889

Census of the Indians and Eskimos in Canada 1924 (Agencies and Bands)

C. Hart Merriam papers relating to work with California Indians 1850-1974

Charleston 1860 - Tax on property paid by persons of Indian descent and free persons of colour.

The Constitution of the Cambridge branch of the Massachusetts Indian Association; and a list of its officers and members - 1886

Bishop Hare's Indian boarding schools in South Dakota 1910

Chilocco Indian Agricultural School yearbooks (Oklahoma) 1931, 1932, 1933

Voyages and travels of an Indian interpreter and trader; also dictionary of Chippeway, Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawnee and Esquimeaux tongues. 1791

Genealogy on FaceBook list, containing groups for Native American researchers. April 2014

See also the article on Métis

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