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Passengers - Part II

This booklet enticed many men in Scotland to bring their families to New Brunswick.

In Part I on Passengers I told that I haven't found my 2x great grandfather Mavor on any passenger list coming to Canada from Scotland.  But I do know when his brother immigrated.

Francis Mavor brought his wife Catherine and their ten children to the Mavis Bank Quay in Glasgow early the morning of April 25th, 1873 to be ready to board the steamer Castalia. I can imagine they must have been nervous, maybe having second thoughts, but also excited to start their new life. They set sail, travelling in steerage, and arrived in St John, New Brunswick on May 10th.
Quite often when a ship was arriving to port a passenger list would be published in the newspaper. When Francis and his fellow passengers arrived at the port in St John, their names were printed in Saint John's newspaper, The Daily News. A great newspaper that gives passenger lists is the British "The Colonies and India" and you can find copies of issues from 1877 to 1898 online at subscription newspaper sites. Each issue has a section with schedule of ships arriving and sailing and lists of passengers.  Remember the "colonies" were not just in North America but also in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Australia ... to name a few.  
During the Klondike Gold Rush, 1896-1899 many steamers were travelling along the west coast back and forth to Alaska.  Some city newspapers printed names of passengers - try Oregon, Washington and also Vancouver, BC.
I have put together into a PDF a few articles I found from different newspapers that list passengers by name and/or by class. To download the pdf click on the link below. 
To search I used keywords "passenger list", "list of survivors", "Alaska passenger list", etc.
I have also included a couple of other interesting links
Relevant Links:
  • The Nile - Calcutta to England ; 2 Apr 1864 
  • The Colonies and India passenger lists ; 24 Aug 1895
  • The Kent - Melbourne to London ; 28 Sept 1859
  • The Royal Charter - Liverpool - Australia ;13 Nov 1859
  • RMS Marama - Australia to Vancouver ; 28 July 1909
  • RMS Miowera - Australia to Vancouver ; 6 Jul 1896
  • Steamer "Hating" - Skagway Alaska to Vancouver ; 3 Aug 1901
  • The Cahors - grounded on rocks - Australia; 13 Jun 1885
  • SS Mohegan -  wrecked manacle reef Cornwall ; California, Oct 1898
  • SS Mohegan - wrecked on manacle reef - from London Times ; Oct 1898
  • Passengers, survivors of the RMS Lusitania ; sunk 1915
  • Empress of Japan - Last trans-Pacific voyage - arrived Vancouver ; 2 Oct 1918 (among passengers are Sir Henry May, Governor of Hongkong and WM & WN Birks of Birks & Sons of Montreal)
  • Steamer "Lakme" - Alaska to Seattle ; 27 Jul 1899
  • Passengers to Vancouver and Murder in Scagway - 1898

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