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Lay of the Land

People emigrated to make a better life for themselves and their children, and for a lot of people that meant land. For budding countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia more people working the land and bearing children meant prosperity for the country. Some farmers as they began to prosper bought more land to add to their holdings and pass on to their children.

Land grants were also given to soldiers for appreciation of their service, also a way of paying them, as land was plentiful, money was not.

I have found a few of my ancestors on Land Grant indexes, which give a hint where and what time period to look for the actual documents. Right place... right time... Next would be to look it up in the archives to get all the details, and to be sure it is indeed my ancestor.

Relevant Links

Land Grants for Shelburne, Nova Scotia, 1782-1786

Early grants of land in the wildernesse north of Merrimack, Mass 1892

The Houmas land claim, New Orleans, 1859

The Vincennes donation lands in late 1700's - Indiana 1949

Massachusetts land grants in Vermont

Documents relating to Talbot's Settlement (Ontario) 1836

Copy of the old records of the town of Duxbury, Mass 1642-1770

Abstract of permits granted under the Acts for the Armed Occupation of Florida 1848

History of New Netherland: or, New York under the Dutch 1848

Dyer's index to land grants n West Virginia - 1896 Vol 1

Dyer's index to land grants in West Virginia - 1896 Vol 2

Report of the Select Committee on Pondoland Lad Grants, S.A. 1906

Chronological list or index of grants en fief and royal ratifications of grants en fief, made in New France, to the time of its cession to the British Crown in 1760

List of lands granted by the crown in the Province of Quebec: 1763-1890

Liste des terrains concédés par la Couronne dans la province de Québec: 1763-1890

The District of Moose Jaw, North West Territories as a field for emigration (with accounts by residents and names of wheat farmers) 1889

Description of Van Damien's Land (Tasmania) with important hints to emigrants 1822 - with names of granted lands.

The Colony of Western Australia : A Manual for Emigrants and lists of land grants - 1839

History of Brome County, QC - including grants of land

Year book, the Society of Colonial Wars in Kentucky, 1917 ; to which is added a calendar of the warrants for land in Kentucky

Township grants of lands in New Hampshire included in the Masonian patent issued subsequent to 1746 by the Manonian proprietary - 1896

Warrantees of land of Pennsylvania 1898 - Vols 24, 25, 26

*Land grant - West Kootenay, BC - for Alexander Wesley McIntosh 1895

*Land grant - Fredericksburg, ON - for Christiane Buth (d/o W. Rambough UE)

The dutch grant, Harlem patents and tidal creeks (ancient Dutch deeds) NY 1889

Reports of land cases determined in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (w/ index to claimants) 1862

Index to Australian Land Records

Indexes to Land Grants of Canada - LAC

Index to New Brunswick Land Grants

Grantham and Wickham, Drummond, Qc - Lots for Soldiers 1815-1816 ***

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