Thursday, 8 January 2015

Internet Archive - changes

Internet Archive has a new look!

When you click an Internet Archive links in one of my articles, you will see the interface has changed. To read the books click on the "full screen" icon (red arrow at top right). Then it is pretty much as it was before the changes.  To save the book to your computer click on the "download" button and choose one of the formats from the list, probably a standard pdf. You can still download a single page by right clicking on it and choosing "Save picture as..." 

When a link leads to multiple books, it IS a little easier to see which one you want. Before when it gave just a list of links it didn't always show the year - now in most cases you get the front of each book with the year showing. You can switch from this view to list view.

When you want to do your own search, the home page is different also. It starts with the wayback machine at the top (for searching old websites), and the regular search box is more toward the bottom of the page. You can also browse by category, choosing from the menu list on the black bar, or using an icon above the search box. Then on the right side you can see how many of the results are audio, texts, movies, images, etc. For books only click on texts.

You can read what they wrote about it on their blog here.

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