Sunday, 28 December 2014

Serendipity Sunday - Calendars and Webinars

Every year at Christmas I get a Calendar for the next year printed with photos of my grandchildren.  All their birthdays are marked on it as well as holidays and important events. I love it!

You may have a themed paper calendar with squares for writing in, and/or a virtual one. While you are adding in all the important dates to your new calendar for 2015, don't forget the free genealogy Webinars.

Many genealogy societies have now published their schedule of free webinars for 2015. There may be some you don't want to miss, for example....

Using Google Earth for Genealogy

Techniques for Differentiating Two People with the Same Name

Researching your Female Lines        

My list of favourite societies that give free webinars is here.

I use Google products for virtually everything (and everything virtual) and I have my Calendar synced on my laptop with my ipad and my phone. I add to it all the Webinars I want to see in the coming year as events and set the alert function to remind me, perhaps the day before, then reset it for 1 hour before the event so I can login. The alert pops up on my IPad or phone and stays until I see it.

Here are some tips for scheduling with the 3 major virtual calendars, Google, Microsoft and iCal.

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