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Remembrance Day - Honour Roll

Armistice Day was first observed throughout the British Commonwealth in 1919 to commemorate the ending of the great war - the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month 1918. In 1931 the name was changed to Remembrance Day. In the US it is Veteran's Day. 

In some families many of their ancestors died in wars, I am lucky to have only one (that I know of), my grandfather's brother Alexander George Mavor. I not only honour him and all those that died, but also those who fought. Their former self died in their first battle and a different person came home. I know that my grandfather, my father and my husband were not the same people after the war, and they never talked about what they saw or did.

This year being the 100th anniversary of the start of the war, events were planned world-wide to commemorate the men who fought, like that at the Tower of London. In the genealogy world more records were made available online. Check your country's Roll of Honour, in Canada we have the Books of Remembrance.

After WWI many books were published with lists of names of those who died, and some have photos. Colleges, towns, churches, companies - all published to honour their own. There are too many for me to list them all, but I found a few to give you ideas. 

Try by military unit, state, county, town, college, school, church, etc. Some of you are lucky because more than a few have photos.
Search at Internet Archive using keywords: hono[u]r roll, roll of hono[u]r, veterans, roll of dead, etc and with one of the above. Search the words "honour roll" or "wounds" in newspaper sites. The papers published the names of the dead and wounded almost daily. Also check the local library.

Relevant Links:

Honor Roll; the Proctor & Gamble Company 1920

Roll of Honor of Cook County, Illinois, with military record and place of burial 1922

Roll of Honour, 1914-1919 Employees of Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society

Independent Order of the Rechabites, a temperance group, and their involvement in WWI. The text contains a register of deceased soldiers and other war records, photographic content and lists of both the senior and junior members of the Order, and a retrospective of the Order's beginnings and activities. Queensland

28th (Maori) Battalion, Roll of Honour - NZ 1924

New Zealand's Viet Nam Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour; National Bank of Scotland

Roll of Honour 1914-1919 for the town and quoad sacra parish of Macduff, with active service lists, lists of prisoners of war, & honours awarded

Roll of Honour of the Ontario teachers who served in the Great War 1914-1918

Roll of Honour of members of the Society of Writers to His Majesty's Signet, and apprentices 1914-1919

Roll of Honour; a biographical record of all members of His Majesty's naval and military forces who have fallen in the war - Vol 1

Roll of Honour; a biographical record of all members of His Majesty's naval and military forces who have fallen in the war - Vol 2

Roll of Honour; list of officers and men, New South Wales section of Division, Australian Imperial Force - 1914

The "Hearts" & the Great War; Heart of Midlothian Football Club Roll of Honour

Memorial volume; American field service in France, "Friends of France" 1914-1917 

Roll of the sons and daughters of the Anglican Church clergy throughout the world and of the naval an military chaplains of the same who gave their lives in the Great War

Acta Victoriana; War supplement. Victoria College, Toronto 1919

Canadians who gave their lives in the cause of peace while serving with United Nations  and other peacekeeping missions or peace support operations sanctioned by the UN

The Call to Arms: Montreal's Roll of Honour, European War 1914

Roll of Honour, employees of the Singer Manufacturing Co. Ltd 1914-1918

Roll of Honour, 1914-1919. For King and Country. John Menzies & Company Limited

Roll of Honour; employees who have enlisted in the Great War - Winnipeg Electric Railway

Honour Roll: Canadian companies (ie Birks, Imperial Tobacco, Dominion Textile, etc)

Canadiana Rolls of Honour - titles 

McGill University - Book of Remembrance (WWI & WWII) 1950

Books of Remembrance for Tweeddale, Scotland 

For Remembrance: soldier poets who have fallen during the war: UK c1920 

Royal Navy Biography, with copious addenda  1823-1832

Pacific Gas and Electric Company - Roll of Honor (pg30)

Illinois Central Employee's Magazine - Roll of Honor

US -  VietNam Veterans Honor Roll

US - Korean War Veterans Honor Roll

Honour Them: Roll Call of Honour, to honour all that served Canada 

"The Evening Times" Roll of Honour, Glasgow and area; 1914-1918

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