Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Internment Camps

A reader pointed out that we did not mention the Interment Camps during the war, specifically those in Canada, although other countries also locked up "enemy aliens".

"The immigrants of foreign countries that are killing our sons can not be trusted and should be locked away in camps and what rights they have taken away."  Times of war are also times of fear, and this fear, coupled with not understanding the "foreigners" or their culture, led to this attitude taken by the government and the people.

This from a CTV news story: 

"This xenophobic government policy was, at the time [WWI], justified under the War Measures Act [of 1914]. The act would be brought into force two more times in our country: during the Second World War, when Japanese-Canadians were interned following the bombing of Pearl Harbour, and during the 1970 October Crisis in Quebec."

The War Measures Act was not used during the Korean War. This Act was repealed in 1988 and replaced by the Emergencies Act.

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Did we learn a lesson?

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