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The Photographic Album

My Dad, Thomas Ray Edward Seale, was a Lieutenant in the Canadian Artillery during WWII. We have a book titled "History of the Fifteenth Canadian Field Regiment; Royal Canadian Artillery 1941-1945" in which they not only mention his name several times, but there is a photo of him in Holland (this book not yet digitized). There are also photos of other soldiers throughout the book. It is one of many books about WWII available in libraries and the archives. My grandfather is also mentioned in a book about his WWI battalion, but there are no pictures.

So I wondered if there were other books or albums with photos on the internet and I came across a photograph album made for Frances Pleasants, who taught wounded soldiers at the Army Hospital in Germantown, PA during the Civil War. It contains photos of her and some of her soldier patients.

I found a few albums of war time, and some of prominent people, and I also noted a couple of specialty albums. You can find many albums of photographs of towns or specific events, but I focused on albums that contained photos of various people, and families.

My parents were antique dealers for several years and at times they bought all the contents of a house that was going to be sold. Often there were old photo albums.  They were a very popular item in the 70's and I wonder what happened to the photos that were in them. You can find photo albums in flea markets, antique shops and on ebay.

At Internet Archive you can search using keywords: album, photograph, photographic (add record), photographer, pictorial, etc. If you use keywords "family photo", "family album" and variations you will get many results. Another good keyword is "souvenir" with the name of the town or event. Also many albums on Trove.

Relevant Links:

Photograph album of Frances Pleasants - Civil War photos of her and soldier patients.

Photographic Record and Souvenir of the Canadian Grenadier Guards Overseas Battalion "Eighty Seventh" 1916

Grönbecks Album from Stockholm Sweden - some date stamped late 1800's

Czech Album of Politicians - Ceské album Poitikove

First portrait albums owned by Walter Deane, chiefly contains portraits of botanists and other naturalists.

Second portrait album owned by Walter Deane

Photograph album; Geikie family (Archibald Geikie, Scottish geologist 1882

Album "Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and their Mothers" - 1915

Photographs of Indians Selected from the Collection in the Possession of the US Geological Survey of the Territories - 1876 (read description at bottom)

Photo Album and Family Bible of the William Janney and Sarah B Wilson family of Fulton County, Illinois and Phelps County, Nebraska

A James Baker Williams family album - 1949 Connecticut

The Cantrell family: a biographical album and history of the descendants of Zebulon Cantrell : covering the period from 1700 to 1898 (Illinois)

Ellington 1918 - Flight Training Texas

Compilation of portraits of distinguished men and women of the time, etched by Adolphe Lalauze, with their words of praise for the tonic Vin Mariani

Michigan Volunteers of "98: a Complete Photographic Record - 1898

A photographic record of the 101st US Field Artillery, 1917 : Col John H Sherburne commanding officer 1918

Photographic reproductions of the men from Granville County, NC - WWI 1920

History of the Great Northwest and its men of progress: w/portraits - 1901

Royal photograph gallery : placing on home exhibition, photographs of the majestic and imposing in nature ... to which is added portraits of the world's most famous people.

The History of Worcester and its People - 1919

Portraits and autographs, an album for the people - UK 1891

History of Dunklin County, MO 1845-1895 ; with an album of its people and homes

Souvenir Autograph album; Chicago Grand Opera Co

Illustrated souvenir of the Winnipeg Theater, season 1906-1907

Souvenir Portrait album of member, Ancient and honorable artillery -  Mass 1903

Souvenir of the Canadian discharge depot; a memento of the last rest camp England 1918

Souvenir Program book Silver Anniversary Jubilee 1913-1938 - Avenel Fire Co - NJ

Souvenir pictorial history of Local Union no 104 - San Francisco 1910

Nobel men of the West, including members of the US Supreme Court, prominent lawyers and business men in the Western states.

Preston Industrial Co-op; Memento of the Guild Merchant - 1902

Order of Woodmen of the World Convention: Souvenir of Niagara Falls 1916

The evolution of photography: with a chronological record of discoveries, inventions, etc.. contributions to photographic literature, and personal reminiscences extending over forty years. 1890

Family Albums (AU)

Kosmopolitan Klub Album (AU)

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