Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Thank You!

Yesterday's article was Post #100! 

When I started posting April 30th I wasn't really sure if I could keep coming up with things to write about, and surely wasn't expecting to have readers from all over the world! But drawing from my own family history, some ideas begat more ideas and here we are 100 posts later and I still have ideas on the back burner. Thank goodness, eh?

These are the top 3 posts to date:

The most talked about and highest ranking post was "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" from August 18th.

A close second was "More Than BMD" from August 11th.

Third was "Guilds and Apprenticeships" from May 31st.

I really enjoyed writing the War series posted every day during the first week of June leading up to D-Day, but my favourite has to be the Mother's Day post, "Who's your Momma?" as I paid homage to my female ancestors.

I'd really like to thank you all for your interest and for taking this journey with me as we find more than birth, marriage and death records, and strive to add character and life to our ancestors' stories.


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