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Serendipity Sunday - Commands

I came across this Table of Keyboard Shortcuts at Wikipedia the other day. It is a chart with keyboard commands for Windows, Mac and a couple of other systems.  I use quite a few of them, but there are a couple on the list I had never seen. This site also has some useful links at the bottom of the page for different operating systems.

Since I use them all the time, I didn't think that other people might not know about them until someone asked me how to do something! These computer tricks may save you time and possible all your work!

Here are some simple keyboard commands for computer or laptop that I use most often and that will come in handy.  These are for Windows... If you have a Mac use Cmd instead of Ctrl (download the file and use the find and replace command to change Ctrl to Cmd)

Click on above image to get downloadable pdf with all these commands and more
First one you may already know - to copy a word, sentence or whole article and paste into word, for example - highlight with your mouse what you want to copy then use these commands:

Ctrl + C (the copy command) AND Ctrl + V (the paste command)   
Oops!  You just realize you hit a key or bumped something and all that you just wrote disappeared!!  Don't touch anything else, just hit the Undo arrow.  Aacck!! No Undo arrow?? Don't panic!
Ctrl + Z (that is the Undo command)
You can UNDO on your iPad or iPhone by holding it with 2 hands and shaking it like an old etch-a-sketch. You will get a confirmation screen.

You want to print an article or an email and there is no print button?
Ctrl + P (the print command)

When you want to copy just a page from a book that is perhaps in an iFrame and it won't copy or print - use the print screen command.  It copies only whatever you see on the screen, so you may have to adjust with zoom in and out. Then you go to your Paint program (or if you have a program like Photoshop) and Paste or New from Clipboard. Here you can crop it. Then you can Save As an image. The button is usually on the top row.
prt sc (the print screen command)
You can do a Print Screen on most tablets or phones by pressing the Power button and the Home button at the same time. (you will see the screen go blank for a second). It is saved in your photos.
If you want to find one word (or a name perhaps) on a page - (I use this often looking for my ancestors' name on a long page of passengers or census lists):
Ctrl + F (the find command)

If you want to find a word throughout a document and change them for another word:
Ctrl+ H (the find and replace command)

If your computer screen freezes, you can get the Task Manager by using this command. You can also use this task manager if your computer is running slow, by closing programs that you are not using and that are running in the background. (They will come on when you next use them.)
Ctrl + alt + delete (in the Processes tab select the window that is frozen and End Task)

You can use the Home button and the End button to go to the beginning or end of a line. Use Ctrl + home or Ctrl + end to go to the beginning or end of a page.
To go back or forward a word in a line, use Ctrl + left or right arrows.

Use Pgup or Pgdn to scroll up and down a page or document.

Use F5 to Refresh your browser.

The downloadable file lists all these commands, plus alt commands for French accents  and a couple of symbols.

NOTE:  Search on FaceBook -
You thought of something or a surname somebody posted about in a FaceBook group that you want to find again? Or you want to find a post you made? At the top of the Group page, beside the menu, is a magnifying glass with Search this group box. Type in the topic, word, or name and hit enter.  For instance you can type in Nolin and you will get all posts I made (or commented on) to that group. :-D


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  1. Great tips and they do save some time and make your workflow more fluid and efficient. I use most of these all the time but just like you, since I know them I think everyone else does and I wouldn't of thought of sharing them. Thanks



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