Friday, 12 September 2014

Penitentiary Records

Missouri State Penitentiary

I don't usually RE-post here, but I was reading this blog about penitentiary records this morning and I thought others may be interested in it. 

Dana Leeds writes: 
"After discovering Ephraim P Bennett in the Missouri State Prison on the 1900 census, I emailed the Missouri State Archives about his penitentiary records. First of all, they were incredibly helpful and emailed back within hours. And, they explained how to order his two-page record. The cost: only $1!
I had never seen a penitentiary record before and wasn't sure what it would contain."
Dana goes on to explain the contents of the records, and asks if anyone out there knows how to cite this source.

Read more about it at Dana's blog:  The Enthusiastic Genealogist


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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed my post! It was really neat to see an actual penitentiary record. I've been blogging about Ephraim and the murder he committed. It's really interesting. He killed his own brother-in-law, Nathan Buchanan, supposedly because of Nathan's abuse toward's his wife, Ephraim's sister. Buchanan hit his wife so hard in the head that she ended up in an asylum! But there must be more to the story, because a huge lynch mob tried to hang Ephraim! But the sheriff hid him and then transferred him to another jail to await the trial.

    I'm hoping to get the asylum records, too, but that might be hard!


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