Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Canada Gazette - State of War

Even though most people do not read it, the Canada Gazette is considered the Official Notice to all Canadians.  It was first published for the Province of Canada in 1841 and contained acts of Parliament. It was expanded to give notice of treaties, hearings etc, and later notice of bankruptcies and other public notices. It also gave announcement when Canada was in a state of war.
Canada Gazette - August 5, 1914 (3 pages) 

It also gave Military notices - promotions and medals, starting in the 1800's.

Use keywords "military" and your ancestor's "surname".

Or.... just search the surname and see what else your ancestors were up to!

The Canada Gazette database is online here.

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  1. A lot of good and use full info, thanks for the hard work put into it.
    Bill Young, N.S.


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