Friday, 18 July 2014

Volunteer - Genealogist or not!

I was sitting at the table, drinking my morning coffee and reading the days articles of my favourite bloggers, catching up on what's new, when one of them caught my attention. Elizabeth at Genealogy Canada wrote about Family Search Indexing Project needing volunteers. I had seen something about this before, on other blogs and of course every time I go to Family Search, but Elizabeth asks "Are you ready?"

I guess I am ready.

I always wanted to volunteer to do something, but a commitment of one day a week at least was needed, and with my family life I could not commit to a day every week all year. Now.... Finally! I found something I can do when I have time! Really on my own schedule!

You don't have to be doing genealogy to be a volunteer. Nor do you have to be a computer whiz. "No special skills required". All you need is a spare half hour. Open the program, choose a batch, and start entering. Once you have proven yourself as an indexer, you can become an arbitrator.

Before plunging in, you can read what indexing entails and take a test drive here. Once you download the software, register, watch the short how-to video - you are ready. Check the languages you are comfortable understanding and reading. Open the program and choose a batch of records (each rated easy, intermediate or advanced) from a list (I chose birth records from another country because it was marked priority, there were 15 records in this batch). See the instructions for that batch, read the record, enter the names and dates in the required fields, tab, enter, tab, enter... next! Family Search beta tested a mobile app and that is something to look forward to down the road.

You will see in Elizabeth's blog that Family Search is holding a World Wide Indexing Event on July 21st, with a goal of 50,000 indexers and arbitrators to submit at least one batch in a set 24 hour period. You can submit more batches it you like, but one batch is all that is needed to be counted in the record.

I downloaded the program, read all instructions, downloaded, entered and submitted my first batch, and now, when July 21st rolls around... I am ready!!

Are you ready?

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