Sunday, 27 July 2014

Serendipity Sunday - Teachers, Students, Hogs, Squatters and an Axe Murderer

These are links to some interesting books for genealogy I found this week while doing research. Lots of names of our ancestors.  Check them out! Also a couple of websites you may find interesting about the 1800's. You never know what you are going to come across when you are looking for something else!

(These will soon be added to the appropriate files and posts.)

This book has Coats of Arms, lots of names.
The Royal kalendar: and court and city register, for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies .. 1765

This book contains also transcriptions of headstones.Scotland
History of the parish of Banchory-Devenick, Aberdeenshire 1890 

Board members, teachers, salaries, etc Ontario
Schools and teachers in the Province of Ontario (many years 1911+) 

The Ecole Normale Jacques-Cartier opened in 1857 at the Château Ramezay until it moved in 1879 to the Logan Farm. Listings from 1857+, with students names and where from, profession/ retired/ dead, and where they lived.
Liste des élèves de l'École Normale Jacques-Cartier 1857-1905

This is the "Pedigree" book for Hampshire Hogs USA

From Department of Agriculture, information on farming, and when to plant what.
Holland Society of New York - Lists officers and members w/year, also some NJ and PA. Plus early records of Lutheran Church (with index to names), deceased members.
Norwich - Index to names, Index to places - in back of book. -
If your ancestors come from Newfoundland, these are for you. A couple have a directory.
People, commercial, late additions, also squatters list in 1866 - Australia

This is the records of admissions in Quebec Prisons in the 19th Century.
Personnes incarcérées dans les prisons de Québec au 19e siècle.

During the 1800's over 1 1/2 million people emigrated from France, mainly to Canada, the US, Australia, and a few to other countries.
French Passports for those leaving from Bordeaux, France 1800-1899

On the TLC TV show "Who Do You Think You Are", Season 05 Episode 01, (July 2014) Cynthia Nixon, they tell about how her ancestor killed her husband with an axe and was sent to prison in Missouri.  They also mention this book. (Written by George Thompson, one of the Prisoners.) Find the story of the hardships she endured there on page 287.

Prison life and reflections; 1851


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