Sunday, 6 July 2014

Serendipity Sunday - Joseph Philippe Lemercier LaRoche

In my article of May 29th titled Shipwrecks I mentioned about going to see the Titanic Exhibit at the Royal Bc Museum. My "Boarding Pass" was in the name of Mme Juliette LaRoche who boarded in France with her husband Joseph and their 2 daughters, travelling to Haiti. Joseph was born to a wealthy family in Haiti, and found it impossible in France to get a job that paid a decent wage, and what his training was worth, because of his colour. 

This past week, while looking for something unrelated to genealogy, I came across this article written last year about the family of Joseph Philippe Lemercier LaRoche keeping his memory alive. It is nice to see what became of the mother I was portraying and her family in the following years.

Maybe nothing was ever published of the family at the time, but I recognized the LaRoche name as soon as I saw it in the article, all because my Boarding Pass was in Juliette's name and I was interested in what happened to "my" family. Joseph.... Titanic the Artifact Exhibition, being shown at Museums around the world, is not ignoring your presence on that ship!

Juliette (b 1889), Joseph (b 1886), Simonne (b 1909), Louise (b 1910)

Story in Ocean County Register

Juliettte Marie Louise Lafargue

Simonne Marie Anne Andrée Laroche 

Louise LaRoche 

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