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The Taxman Cometh

1539 Painting by Jan Massys titled “de Beim Steuereinehmer” or At the tax collector

There have been wars, rebellions and riots over taxes forever, notably the Guelders War, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Boston Tea Party, and the India Salt Tax Protests. Historically the government collected taxes to pay for war and improvements to their environment, like roads, water supply and utilities, and the running of the government. Through the ages there have been taxes levied on different things, not just income and land. There has been a carriage tax, hearth tax (fireplace or stove), horse tax, window tax, tax on watches and clocks, lottery tickets and billiard tables, etc. And.... don't forget the Death tax. There have also been taxes on people, notably taxes on slaves, and a head tax on Jews and Chinese immigrants.

As prescribed in Exodus (30:11-16) Jewish law imposed a poll tax of half-shekel, payable by every man above the age of twenty (“the rich shall not pay more and the poor shall not pay less”)

Special Taxes were levied for things like building a gaol (jail) or a dam etc. You have your Federal Tax, your State or Provincial Tax, your County Tax, and your Town or Municipal Tax. They all need your tax dollars. Look for digests of statutes and laws for different counties or states to see what was taxed and what the rates were. Being a tax collector (or tacks collector) was not a popular profession, although some seemed to relish their job.

Tax records will hold valuable information for researching your ancestor.  In the UK Tithe records, if your ancestor didn't own land, he may still be listed as the renter of that land. Personal income tax records are NOT public, but you will find records for land tax, poll tax, hearth tax, etc. Also look up records of old castles and plantations.

ScotlandsPlaces website is free and has old tax records by place. You can also search by surname and any place with that name will come up. I put in the town of Ellon, where my ancestors lived, and these are the options that came in the results..

Censuses were often used for tax purposes, so don't trust all the dollar amounts you see on census records. The 1871 Census of Canada had other schedules you don't see on Ancestry, but they are available to view (browse only) at the LAC website. There is a help page to give you tips on searching. Here you will find nominal deaths in past year, number of dwellings owned, number of carriages and horses not on a farm, etc.

Relevant Links


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The Norwich rate book - Easter 1633 - Easter 1624

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List of the Tax Payers of the City of Charleston for 1860

List of persons, copartnerships and corporations taxed in the city of Boston (various years)


  1. Very helpful! Thanks, Dianne!

  2. Very relevant post today for Michigan readers, as it is not only primary election day, but we voted on transportation and park and recreation taxes. It's been going on for quite a while....

    1. Future genealogists will be saying... "Oh wait! There's a tax for that!!" :-(

  3. It always pays to look behind the obvious, something I always try to encourage others to do... and who would have thought the humble tax collectors could teach us so much?
    Thanks, Dianne..

    1. They usually kept pretty good records of taxes, the trick is to find surviving ones!

  4. In the US, we often use tax records to find people that we can’t find in a census. They are helpful in determining a person’s age and tracking where they moved and when.


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