Saturday, 10 May 2014

Who's your Momma?

My 3x great-grandmother, 2x great-grandmother, great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, me, my daughter and my granddaughter.

With the advent of Mother’s Day come thoughts of all the women ancestors in my family. They were brought up to be strong, independent, caring, thoughtful people. These values were passed on to me and I am proud to say they continue on with my 4 daughters, and their daughters.

While researching our ancestry, we don’t want to neglect the maternal lines in our tree.  Famous or not, women make tremendous contributions to not only their family, but their community.  I have ancestors that were teachers, mill workers, brewers and farmers. Some taught Sunday school, some joined women’s leagues and one was a Major in the Salvation Army. My great-grandmother sent 2 sons to war, one never to return. My other great-grandmother, as a widow, looked after all the women and children of the family during the depression while the men were away looking for work. When the Paint and Varnish Company my grandmother worked for was going to close after the owner died, she and another employee bought it, keeping the workers from losing their jobs.  During WWII my mother built parts for the Mosquito Fighter-Bombers and her sister joined the RCAF Women’s Division. I honour all my women ancestors by being the best person I can be. 

Granny at age 16 front row far left, her mother Granny King middle row, far right.

I won’t be providing too many links today, as everyone must follow the paths of their mothers in their own way.  

These are 3 of my favourite novels depicting strong independent women:

Fortune is a Woman : Elizabeth Adler / A young woman picks herself up and dusts herself off after the earthquake and big fire in San Fransisco.

The Silver Touch : Rosalind Laker / The story of Hester Bateman, famous silversmith.

Domina : Barbara Wood / Young girl in Victorian London dreams of becoming one of the first women doctors, and the hardships she has to overcome.

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