Monday, 12 June 2017

Churchwarden's Accounts

The Churchwarden was a volunteer position and he had many duties in the church. There is an account of the role of a Churchwarden here. Being a man of importance he usually had a special pew in the church.

He had to keep track of all the inventory and property owned by the church, make sure taxes were paid and rents collected. The churchwarden kept an account book which hold names of some parishioners and amounts paid to people for goods or services.

Some older ones have been transcribed and the introductions have bits of interesting information ...

The churchwarden wrote in his accounts all monies paid out and received. This passage is from the churchwarden of St Martin's in Leicester, 1552

Fourth item down reads: Received of Mr Manbe ye 3rd day of May at ye burial of his son for 4 bells, 20 pence.

In these old records s = shillings and d = pence. The roman numerals are using a j as a number one. The sum of 20 pence in 1552 would have been valued at about £16.7 today.

In the French Catholic church he is called a Marguillier, and you may find the names of some of them in books of the history of the parish.

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