Friday, 12 May 2017

High Fives - May 12, 2017

Grief? There's an App for That
~by Farah Mohammed at Jstor Daily
When we get to an age we have all gone through the pain of losing a loved one. Would you do what Eugenia did?  Would it help or hurt? I think everyone deals with death in their own way, and for me doing this would just delay the day of acceptance. What do you think?

~by Martin Gregory at Things I Find in the Garbage
What a find! A box full of old photographs!! Does anyone recognize the people in these photos found in Montreal?
Update: Gail Dever wrote about this article on her blog Genealogy à la carte.

~by Marian B Wood at Climbing my Family Tree
Ask and you shall receive! I too have found that most people want to help. Today's technology makes this so much easier and quicker. My recent helper was a librarian who snail-mailed me a copy of a newspaper article. I have had a church clerk send the custodian out to take photos of a tombstone for me. The archivist for a group of nuns sent me all the info (much more than I had hoped) for my husband's Aunt Nun.
You never know... so just ask!!

~by Andy D Gilbert at University of Glasgow Library
I can imagine my grandfather recovering from his wounds and thinking about his brother and friends who didn't make it.

~by Melanie Mayo on Family History Daily
I found this to be true on some of my Canadian death certificates also. I now have the code page bookmarked.  Thanks Melanie!   

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