Friday, 24 March 2017

My High Fives - March 24, 2017

The Story of the Quaich
~by Karen and Debbie at Culloden Battlefield
My 6x great grandfather, goldsmith of Edinburgh, made a quaich of silver with initials on the handles, making me think it was for a wedding ceremony. Could the RT stand for a Tait I have not discovered yet?  It was interesting learning about the quaich. 

Railway Accident Records
~by Rebecca Murray at Library Archives Canada Blog
The small town I grew up in was in shocked after a bus carrying students of the town to a dance was hit by a train and 19 kids were killed.
Railway Accident returns can also be found in some Sessional Papers.

When Cricket Reigned Supreme in Glasgow
~by Robert MacLean at University of Glasgow Library
My grandfather had a cricket bat. I wonder if any of my Scottish ancestors played cricket? I'll have to see if I can watch a game on TV sometime.

Let's Get Unstuck! Time to Remove Photos From Sticky Album Pages
~by Diane L Richard at Upfront with NGS
Guilty! I have a few albums with magnetic pages.  Now, where can I find how to rescue photos that were glued onto the black pages of old albums? Seems to be I saw a blog post on that a while back.

Quiz: Are you an Irish Genealogy Expert?
~by Niall Cullen at Find My Past Blog
Okay, the cat's out of the bag. I am NOT an expert on Irish Genealogy.  Are you?


  1. My sister Linda's young sister-in-law and one of my hubby's a cousins were in that school going to the dance - both survived it but sure the memory of it still haunts them.
    I;m interested in the Railway Accident Reports as my father's eldest sister wrote about the train she was on with her parents when they came to Canada in 1907 derailed and she, a toddler was thrown out into the snow. They found her because she was whaling as she said :D
    Had some magnetic albums too but took my photos out of them years ago - it was my parent's magnetic albums that were the problem many of the photos were damaged when they were removed, they had been in there a long time and became part of the pages by the time I tried to rescue them...

    1. Some of my friends too - it was such a shock!
      Still today there are railway accidents, you'd think people would learn - both Dept of Transport people and drivers and pedestrians.


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