Monday, 6 February 2017

The Electrical Trade

According to his obituary my great uncle Wilfred Tait was well known throughout Eastern Canada in the electrical engineering and supply trade. He was an electrical draughtsman when he joined the Navy in WWI. He later worked for the electrical engineering department of the Steel Company of Canada, then went on to work for Square D Electric.

This photo was taken at the 32nd Canadian Electrical Association Conference in Ottawa at the Chateau Laurier in June 1922. I think my great uncle was too new to the trade to be in this photo.

Electrical trade periodicals usually have a personal section (appointments, retirees, obituaries, etc) and a section on new patents. May be called news or notices (contracts, bankruptcies, new companies, etc). Check the contents at the beginning of each number. There could be more than one number in a book.

Relevant Links

Canadian Electrical News and Engineering

The Electrician NY 1882-1883

The Electrician UK, Vol 57 1906

The Western Electrician, Chicago

The Southern Electrician NC 1911

Great Electricians 1909

Electrical World 

The Electrical Review, UK 

Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas (Pacific Coast Electric Transmission Assn)

IEEE membership directory (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 1914

The Post Office elecrical engineers' journal (many names in back- Britain, India, Africa, Uganda) 1908-1922

J A Berly's British, American and continental electrical directory and advertiser

The Universal electrical directory

McGraw electrical trade directory

Tait's electrical directory of Australia and New Zealand (in library only)

American electrical directory 1888

The Electrician, electrical trades directory and handbook 1889-1917

The Electrical Trade Chicago 1895-1918

Proceedings, annual meeting - Canadian Electrical Association

Proceedings, annual meeting - Minnesota Electrical Association 1909

Proceedings of the Electrical Institute of Engineers

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