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What is in Provincial / State Sessional Papers?

Besides the Canada Sessional Papers and the Journals of the Assembly, there are Sessional Papers and Journals for the provinces.

In Canada some departments come under the federal government's power, other departments are under provincial power, and some are shared. We have looked at some under the federal jurisdiction - military, navigation and lighthouses, fisheries, borders agents, banking, post office, penitentiaries, patents and Indian Affairs to name a few.

The provincial government looks after prisons, public provincial lands, hospitals and education. They share power over agriculture, immigration and pensions. You can see the whole list here.

So let's take a look at what we can find in the provincial papers.
The following are from the Sessional Papers of the Quebec Legislature for 1895.

The next are from the Ontario Sessional Papers for 1874...

I've heard of "Killed in attempting to escape"... but "Killed in attempting to elope"??? 
Do you recognize anyone by their initials?

These two are from the papers of Prince Edward Island - 1913

In the United States search using keywords: "[state] state journal archives", "[state] state senate journal archives", journal of the senate of the sate of [state], legislative journals of [state], etc - many states have copies of their assembly journals online.

Each state of Australia also has sessional papers.

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