Friday, 17 June 2016

Cigar Box - Billeted in Neede

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

Summer 1945 - Billeted in Neede, Netherlands at the home of the town architect and his wife and three children.

Waterpolo Matches - June and July 1945

Note:  Photos were taken with a small 1½ x 5½ x 1½ camera Bud found in a Hockshop in London. It was the type that you pull the cover down and then pull out the bellows. The prints were 1½ x 2¼, and the film was available in Canada so his parents could send some in their care packages.

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