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Cigar Box - Postcards from Bath

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

In October of 1943 on leave for three days, Bud took a trip to Bath, Somerset, his mother's home town. He stayed with his mother's Uncle Andrew Eli Walter Tait, a master tailor in Bath, and his wife Edith (Russell).  They showed him around the city.

Bath - Roman Baths & Abbey

Postmarked Bath, Somerset 12 Oct 1943. Passed (censor) P 231

We spent all morning going through this place, facinating really
Love Bud xxx

Bath - A view from the pump room colonnade (The Abbey)

Postmarked Bath, Somerset 12 Oct 1943. Passed (censor) P 231

Built in time of Christopher Columbus

Well Mom the Abbey certainly must have been here in your time.
Love Bud xxx

Bath - Pulteney Bridge (built 1774,crosses the River Avon to Bathwick)

Postmarked Bath, Somerset 12 Oct 1943. Passed (censor) P 231

Dear Mom, your uncle and aunt are grand people, I only wish I had more the(n) 3 days leave. Love Bud xxx

Visiting with Andrew and Edith Tait 
1 Northumberland Buildings, Bath

Andrew Eli Walter Tait and Bud, Bath 1943

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