Monday, 11 January 2016

Gleanings from the Gazette

Many countries have an Official Gazette to publish notices. I have touched on the Gazette in other posts, but haven't really explained what is to be found in these publications.

The London Gazette came about in 1665 after the Great Plague and was the first reliable source of news and official public record.

In New France it was the Militia Captain of the Parish that stood on the doorsteps of the church and read out official proclamations to the parishioners. He also heard complaints and settled minor disputes.

The Canada Gazette was first published in 1841. It was to give official notice of all acts, regulations and proclamations from the government to the public. They started with an online version in 1998 and since 2014 it is only online.

Some of the notices that would have been posted in the Gazette that are of interest to genealogists were for bankruptcy, dissolved partnerships, divorce and wills & probate.

Other notices were postings for jobs with the government or for pubic works, military mentions, naturalization lists and name changes.

Looking in the war years you may find your WWI or WWII ancestor mentioned. In the 1918 Gazette I find the uncle of my grandfather among those mentioned as receiving the military cross. In the 1946 Gazette I found my father's and uncle's names as being struck off strength (discharged).

You may also find old copies of the Gazette in city or university libraries.

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